Made to order

Fresh made to order sandwiches, includes salad and choice of condiments. Breads available include Granary Bloomer, White Bloomer and Deli Bap.​

  • Egg Mayonnaise with Salad
  • Egg Mayonnaise & Crisped Bacon
  • Mediterranean Tuna with salad
  • Prawns with Salad
  • Prawns & Avocado
  • Smoked Salmon, Lemon, Cucumber
  • Poached Salmon with Salad
  • Roast Turkey with Salad
  • Roast Turkey & Crisped Bacon
  • Coronation Chicken with Salad
  • Crisped Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
  • Crisped Bacon & Avocado
  • Gammon Ham with Salad
  • Gammon Ham & Cheese with Salad
  • Cheddar Cheese with Salad
  • Swiss Cheese with Salad
  • Mixed salad


A selection of freshly made hot and cold speciality sandwiches. Please check for available choices.

Examples of our specials include:
  • Parma Ham & Mozzarella on Tarragon Teekah
  • Salami & Dolcelatte on Tarragon Teekah
  • Roast Beef & Parmesan Cheese on Basil Loaf
  • Tuscan Lamb, Artichioke Heart & Olive Tapenade on Basil Loaf
  • Porchetta & Mediterranean Vegetables on Focaccia
  • Back Bacon & Mushrooms on Plain Polka Roll
  • New Orleans Muffaletta on Plain Polka Roll
  • Roast Chicken, Back Bacon & Brie on Tarragaon Teekah
  • Curried Egg, Cucumber & Mango Mayonnaise Pain Au Lait
  • Roast Beef, Leeks & Swiss Cheese on London Borough
  • Teriyaki Chicken & Edamame Wasabi Smash on Pain Au Lait
  • Pork Belly, Pickled Carrots & Gochujang Mayo on Plain Polka Roll
  • Korean Vegetable Omelette & Swiss Cheese on London Borough